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My first month in uni hasn’t quite gone to plan and I know uni can work for me and take me where I want to be. But due to mental health issues when I joined I kinda ****ed myself over and now im stuck. A few of the issues I have are…

- I have no connection with my flatmates, they make me feel awkward as I was too scared to speak to them when I moved in. It’s a bit late now
- I’ve been lonely for a while now, making friends hasn’t come easy
- My accommodation isn’t up to standard
- I’m not happy with my course, missed a few lectures with illness and already very behind and unmotivated
- I feel as if I jumped into uni too soon and wasn’t prepared enough for such a change

I feel as if I dropped out around Christmas time (if there’s no improvements) I could work on myself and with the knowledge I’ve gained from my experience return next year maybe with a new course, new accommodation and new mindset to actually have a good time

Is this a good idea or should I just stick it out now im here…
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I know a friend who did the exact same thing as this last year and she is on a new course this year that she loves. But forewarning you should probs check with your parents about this first and also consider if you could drop out now because you might not have to owe student loans the full 9 grand (which you will only start repaying back once you’ve finished your degree/earn over a certain amount) for a partially done year
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Drop out immediately if you want to be funded without the extra tuition to pay even if you graduate a degree at any point.

Personal advice is to give it two years so that you can see what the economy and demand for different degrees is. And also what degree you’d fit best.

Also do not get involved with drugs to have a gd time, and be sensible w alcohol if you use it.

A part time job in the mean time may help with confidence for when you restart higher education.

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