Glans/Foreskin issues

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Hey guys, ill get straight to the point (everything below is in chronological order)
1. Foreskin had never been fully retracted (past the glans) before
2. Had sex, midway through, the foreskin fully retracts (probably due to not enough lubricant)
3. Went to the bathroom to try to 'fix' it (pull it forward again)
4. Could not get it to stay forward (if I let go, the foreskin would retract back)
5. Went to the ED, doctor said no "evidence of phimosis or paraphimosis" and sent me home
6. Woke up the next morning and had a shower
7. Foreskin was still fully retracted (still can't get it to STAY unretracted)
8. The following day (the day of the post), I am noticing a little bit of swelling around the frenulum area (only one side)
9. Swelling of the whole glans occurs when I get an erection

My questions are:
- Is it paraphimosis? (I'm not sure because I can still manually move the foreskin forwards its just it doesnt stay forward [covering the whole penis]
- Will the swelling go away soon or should I head to the ED? (I believe the swelling of the area mentioned above to be one the reasons why the foreskin won't "stay" forward

Thanks for your help guys.
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hi, med student here, if you cannot get it to stay unretracted i’d recommend going to A&E/ the ED, another issue it could be though is if it’s not lubricated, and you have very slight phimosis, it can stay behind the head, i’d recommend getting your pen15 really lubricated, try to get some under the foreskin, and when pulling your foreskin over, pull it a bit as this can help it become unstuck and could save you another embarrassing hospital trip; hope this helps
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Hi thanks for replying.

A little update: I went to the ED and they diagnosed me with paraphimosis, which was treated on-site through a manual reduction of the foreskin (they just pulled it forwards). The "surg reg" also drained some fluid out of the infected part of the foreskin.

As I am writing this reply, I am unable to fully retract the foreskin (I have gone full circle and returned to 1. in my original post). I will add, however, that after the manual reduction, the foreskin does feel looser (I'm not 100% sure). The doctor did mention to give it a couple of days before trying, as there was still some swelling at the tip of the foreskin.

My question is: how long will the swelling last? At the moment, it isn't very noticeable (the swelling), but I still cannot fully retract the foreskin
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