International Qualifications on UCAS, help

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Hi there!

I'm currently filling the UCAS application form for the deadline on January, I'm an international student with Spain Qualifications and I have some doubts with it.

In the “Education” part of the UCAS form, I know that I must list the schools I have attended since secondary school, the 1st year of high school I studied at a school, the second/last year of high school I studied at a different school from the previous one, so when filling out the form I was confused. UCAS support told me I could not input only one year of school, only full qualifications can be there.

So I should mark "no" where it says "do you receive any qualifications from this institution" for the first school, then add the modules of that first year where the second year and titulation were achieved. The problem for me here is I cannot place the corresponding dates for the first year of high school because in the second school section only correspond to those of that school year, not the first year. That is why I am not clear what to do

I hope someone can help and that I explained myself right even though this is long. Any guidance is appreciated on how this should be filled.

Thanks in advance.
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