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Maths resit

I want to resit my Maths GCSE this summer since I need atleast grade 6 in Maths to do Business or Econmics and A Level Maths next year. Unfortunatly I only got grade 5 in Maths last summer. I also can't resit Maths at College since I got over Grade 4 and I think it costs over £200 to do so. It's too late to be a candidate for a November resit, some resits I look at are expensive for me since I can't afford it. Also I am 16 so would resits be free or cheap.

Thank You
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Good luck if you are able to resit the GCSE, the investment may be well worth it. How will you improve by then?, just resitting with the same level of knowledge is unlikely to succeed.
Please be aware that maths A Level has a completely higher level of difficulty and is a huge step. Is tutoring the answer?, sadly not cheap. Maybe you know a recent top grade student that can help?
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Have u applied to resit yet?

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