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I got a 3rd in my second year of uni, and I really want to work hard and get a 2:1 at the end of my degree (I know after I messed it all up), I need advice on if I can do that and what grades would I essentially need in my third year? Also my uni weights 2nd and 3rd year 50/50 so that’s not that great for me. Any advice would be appreciated.
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What was your actual percentage for second year as that will make a huge difference to the calculation?

(For example:
If it was 40% you’ll need to get an average of 60% in third year to get a 2:2 and an average of 80% to get a 2:1.

If it was 49% you need an average of 51% in third year to get a 2:2 and an average of 71% to get a 2:1.)

Are there any additional caveats in the classification calculation for your university or is it simply a 50/50 split?
Was there any reasons for your low grades in second year that will not be there in third year.
To get up to a 2:1 from a third will be a huge jump tbh.

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