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I'm not sure if anyone will reply since I haven't really seen anyone ask for geography help on here ever, but basically I'm an A Level student and I was planning an answer to an essay question on significance of subduction in formation of tectonic landforms. I was wondering if anyone could verify my point below on significance of subduction in fold mountain formation:

In fold mountain formation, subduction is mainly irrelevant. The main factor needed for formation is the converging of two plates, whether at a collision boundary or a destructive boundary. While subduction may be associated with destructive boundaries, the main process is really the formation of a geosyncline which can thus be compressed by the converging of the two plates to thus create a fold mountain range. This can be seen at the collision margin between the Indian subplate and Eurasian plate, where the Himalayas are located. However, subduction at destructive boundaries where fold mountains may be formed may determine to what extent the fold mountain range is volcanic due to presence of partial melting such as the Andes fold mountain range seen by the Chile-Nazca subduction zone.

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