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hey, I was wondering if I could get in midwifery with taking Level 3 Health and Social care National Diploma (I think) which I know is equivalent to two A levels, so I’m taking another A level with it. I’m planning to take A level drama as I enjoy it a lot and I do think it helps with my confidence. Does the choices I’m choosing sound good?
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I think you already been told what is required on repeated threads you have done on similar question.

Each and every university in UK will have there own requirements what qualifications you'll need for doing any nursing degree courses especially midwifery as it a more higher demanding course.

Look at the universities requirements or check UCAS website on it to.

A abstract from UCAS website on what is required for midwifery entry requirements........

( Entry requirements
A levels – Entry requirements range from BCC to ABB, with the universities and colleges most commonly asking for ABB.

Scottish Highers – Entry requirements for Highers (the most common qualification) range from BBBC to AAABB, with universities or colleges most frequently requiring BBBC. Occasionally, universities ask for Advanced Highers to supplement Highers. If Advanced Highers are requested, universities or colleges typically ask for AB.

Vocational courses – Other Level 3/Level 6 qualifications (e.g. Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma, or an SCQF Level 6) may be accepted as an alternative to A levels/Highers by some providers. It’s essential that you check alternative entry requirements with universities or colleges. )))

( Midwifery course entry requirements
The entry criteria for midwifery courses and programmes are quite specific. Almost all universities will require a qualification in biology (or at least another science), to show your scientific ability. To show your compassion and understanding, qualifications in psychology or sociology, for example, would help.

Grade requirements will vary by university. You will need to check their individual requirements.

Midwives work in partnership with women so there are many skills you should reflect in your application that you have the potential to develop. These include communication, compassion, empathy, high attention to detail, the ability to work under pressure, and work as part of a team. ))).

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