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Going from E,E,D in year 12 to hopefully B,B,C in year 13

So, last year I really messed up and just overall had a very complicated year with many things going on in my life that really affected my studying and I did really poorly in the end of year exam.

Plan of action currently:
  • Complete 4-6 hours of revision everyday
  • Do practise papers for all subjects
  • Work out how to be smart

My current subjects:
  • Computer science OCR A level
  • Physics AQA A level
  • Mathematics AQA A level

I really need help from anyone reading this who did well in A level in these subjects , I have currently got a lot better in Maths however I am struggling to get better at physics and finding it really hard to revise for them both as Computer science I'm not improving and neither am I in physics

Thanks for getting to the end of this , hope you have a good day , pop me a message if you can help

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