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Gym Advice for a (sort of) beginner

Over the first lockdown I completed a lot of the Chloe Ting workout videos, though I didn't see many results and quickly learned that her workouts are not the most effective.

Since then I've been doing at home workouts on and off, and at the start of summer I started going back to the gym. I've mainly just been going to gym classes (HIIT, Tone and Les Mills Body Pump and Body Attack classes) and short dumbbell workouts. I hadn't seen major changes in my body (though some friends were commenting that I did look different) and I began to lost motivation around August time, especially with uni starting back.

I'm wanting to get into more of a routine and I've planned to go to some classes again over the next 2 weeks just to build a little bit of my fitness up again.
After this though I'd like to start going to the gym to do planned workouts however I'm not sure whether starting around 3x a week with a full body split (and cardio on the days off) would be best or whether to do like an Upper/Lower split (incorporating cardio at the end of some weight sessions). - Initially I'd thought about the 3x a week maybe for 4-8 weeks just to get back into the swing of things again.

My main long term goals are to lose a bit of weight and then build some muscle (especially in my glutes as they are looking a little sad and I am very quad dominant) and strength (especially in my upper body).
For context I'm 22, around 5'4-5'5 and weight around 11st - 11st4 depending on the day (last year I managed to get down to 10st5).

any advice would be greatly appreciated :smile:
I think you did the right things for your health and fitness..
Depends which split you like more (your plan to do first full body for 4-8 weeks is a solid plan, so you could do that). If you want to grow your glutes more, try doing glute bridge and hip thrusts.

Many people who go working out might not see changes, so try talking photos of yourself for progress picks, so you could see it more clearly if you truly have changed.

You could try doing recomp, which is normally done for 8-12 weeks. It helps lose weight slightly and build some muscle. I am unsure if lost muscle much but I think it's possible for you by the looks of it as beginner gains help out to do recomp.