Dating is so frustrating

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More of a rant if anything. But surely I'm not the only guy who's finding dating to be so frustrating today. I have flaws but I know I have a lot of good traits and things to offer.

I'll admit, I've been a little over reliant on dating apps in the past. I've been able to get dates this way and this is now I met my last girlfriend. But it just seems like people just want to use them to hook up.
So since after lockdown, I've been trying to approach girls in real life, at gigs and concerts. It seems like I just see the same crowd everytime, same faces. The women I meet are either taken, or much older. Some women have shown interest in me, but to be honest I'm just not prepared to date a single mother, who seem to be the ones taking the most interest in me. I did meet a girl about 2 weeks ago at a gig, so I asked her out but she declined.

It's just demoralising.. I guess all I can do is keep working on myself, my hobbies, and my career. I have traditional values and I would like a family one day. But how the hell do I meet someone when it's so hard to meet someone.
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A lot of dating is out of your control, so stop focusing on those aspects and work on what you can improve. It does not mean you'll guaranteed to have the love life that you want, but that's the best thing you can do. What's the alternative? Become bitter and resent women like those red pill guys?

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