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More of a range post than an advice seeking, but would still welcome any.

I've applied for my provisional 3 months ago at the end of July. THREE. Due to covid the processing times are longer? Cool, thats fine, I get it. Because I do not have a British passport, I had to send in a form of ID documentation, which I did, I sent my brand new passport I renewed as soon as I got it back from my embassy in London; literally the very next day after I received confirmation that the chip was activated and working.

Sent off my application with the ID, filled everything in I needed, all gucci. Received my passport back mid August with a slip "These have been verified, and the information will form part of your application" SO WHY, W H Y, do I come back home from work, TWO months after this to a letter with my application form inclosed saying I DID NOT PROVIDE ANY FORM OF ID and hence THEY CANNOT PROVE MY IDENTITY. Of effing course you dont have my ID, you sent that thing back TWO flipping months ago.

I'm so mad and upset. Tried waking up extra early today although I work evenings just to give them a call, "We apologise, but due to high demand all of our lines are busy" and it cuts you off, I tried calling and calling and calling and calling and I do not believe you cannot form a queue for this mf line. All the webchat assistants are as always busy too, you literally cannot ever get a hang of them. "You can view information on our website" NO I CANNOT give me someone to talk to. My anxiety usually has me in panic mode whenever I try to talk to literally anyone on the phone, but in this case I'm ready for war.


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