how to not be jealous of bestfriend

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whenever me and my bestfriend are together and guys approach us, they call both us pretty but say my best friend is prettier. today there was a few guys arguing over who will get her snapchat, and it was super awkward for me. one of them asked for my snapchat which i gave, then they messaged me to literally ask for my bestfriend's snapchat and i blocked him because i got so upset.

i want to be a chill friend who hypes her friend up when guys hit her up. i want to help set her up with guys that like her etc. she always does it for me but i can't do the same which makes me feel like the worst friend. but i can't help being overly jealous. i try not to make it obvious but no matter what i usually just go quiet.

i just hate that i turn everything into a competition in my head. i wish i could just stop caring about male validation but i can't. i'm trying to become the type of girl that guys find attractive and not what i feel pretty and comfortable as.

one my own alot of guys and people find me attractive, but when we're together she is always the "prettier" one and gets all the attention. i'm jealous of her but i don't want to be. i should instead be happy for her but i can't and like i said it makes me feel like the worst friend. i starve myself, spend hundreds on clothes/makeup impulsively, cry my self to sleep and more just after hanging out with her. i really want to change but idk how to.
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I would get a bit of advice from your GP, the starving yourself and severe anxiety suggest you need some help. Everyone has a more attractive mate thats a good friend and fun to be with but how ever hard you try leads a tad of envy and a bit of angst when someone you like prefers them.

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