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Super Mal or Van Halen?

Who out of these 2 do you prefer?

Super Mal:- Lyndon Coyne, James Crampton & James Reynolds. Bigger Than Big (ft Luciana), Light Years, Pixelated.

Van Halen:- David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Sammy Hager, Wolfgang/Alex Van Halen. Jump, Why Can't This Be Love, Panama, Ain't Talkin' About Love, Eruption.
Van Halen (:
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Not big on either.

Hagar's solo stuff, though...
super mal:excited:
Original post by kaizagill
super mal:excited:

Really? You prefer Super Mal over Van Halen? *faints*. "OH STICK AROUND 'COZ IT'S BIGGER THAN BIG. THIS IS WHAT U CAME FOR, WHAT U CAME FOR; WHOA-OH-OH-OH."
Lyndon Coyne makes a change to David Lee Roth.
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Van halen :biggrin:
Super Mal is best
Obviously Van halen
Super mal :cool:
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Van halen is good :smile:
Super Mal :tongue:
Van halen :h:
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Super Mal
Super mal :u:
Van halen

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