A* in A2 Literature - how to achieve this?

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Hi all,

I am a Year 12 student studying OCR A Level English Literature and I have created this to try and and gain insight on how to achieve an A* in A Level Literature as well as how you access academic work/further reading.

My course: for the drama & poetry section we are studying Ibsen and Rossetti, the Gothic (Dracula and the Bloody Chamber but the latter could change), the Tempest and for coursework we study A Streetcar named Desire and Purple Hibiscus - but all advice or just telling me about your experience is very welcome!!!!!!
So far, we have studied Ibsen and Rossetti in the first half term and are going to move on to the Gothic (Dracula and the Bloody Chamber - but TBC could change based on what my teacher wants to teach) after the holidays.

Also I was just wondering in the OCR comparative drama & poetry section do students have to link the core texts to other texts or just critics’ analysis?

Finally, let me know whether a thread like this already exists and/or whether this is better in the A Level forum.

Thank you

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