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Truth be told, going to university is a major life-changing event. You’ll be meeting new people, finding yourself, and immersing yourself in every opportunity that university offers to you. However, there are a few myths that some persons have before even stepping a foot into the university doors. Here are four myths about going to university.

University = Broke Life - Everyone thinks that when you’re in university you will always be broke. This is actually false! The perfect representation of Uni life is Anne’s rendition of “It’s a hard knock life”. With proper money management through budgeting, you can save hundreds whilst at university. In most cities and universities there are part-time jobs that are available for students through organizations such as Unitemps.

University = A Dead Social Life – There is an abundance of social life at university. From society events, motives, movie nights, games nights and a whole lot more. What is most important is balancing your assignments with your social life. Remember that you are going to university for a degree and not a degree in social life.

Assignments are the Spawn of Chucky – A lot of students worry about assignments, however, with proper time management you can complete them on time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling with an assignment. You can always ask your personal tutor, the library or even a fellow classmate.

University = Germ Capital of the World – It would be remiss of me if I tried to downplay the unfortunate Freshers Flu. Protecting yourself from the flu is very important. Once you get on campus be sure to register with the GP and stock up on Vitamin C, Lemsip, and Strepsils. Another worry is the Debbie downer of today, COVID-19. There are many things in place to protect students. From sanitation stations on every floor of every building to rapid testing on campus and signage with tips to protect yourself. Another important part of health is taking care of your sexual health. Be sure to practice safe sex and book regular STI testing.

University will indeed be a life-changing experience. Take every opportunity that comes your way and remember to have fun! What are some other myths have you heard about university?

- Dennis

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