Student Finance Overpayment being taken all in one year?

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I'm a disabled, distance learning student. Every single year I have a problem with student finance. Forgetting the problems I've had actually getting my maintenence loan accepted yet again, it turns out that 2 grand in overpayments have been taken automatically from my loan for the year.

The overpayment are because I deferred my course. My Dad died. And as somebody who is clinically depressed already, studying wasn't viable for me at the time.

So sure, like, take half the money I was planning to use and live with for the year SFE. Without proper warning, discussion or help. I was essentially told on the phone that I couldn't speak to a supervisor, or anybody at all about it. I could fill in a long, complicated form detailing all of my expenditure and let them decide whether or not to bother helping. A form that takes 6 weeks to turn around.

??? Am I completely sol? I have work and assignments coming up that I'm not able to prepare for because of the absolute hassle, anxiety and mess that SFE are causing me.

I'm expecting to be completing this course for another few years, still. Does it take a genius to see how much longer one would take to complete study at the current rate, and work out repayment based on that? Or better yet, ask?

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks for any help given.

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