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League of Legends

I'm looking for some friends to play legolands with! I really just want a group of people who are chill and can have a good time with and don't mind losing. No ragers please, I just wanna enjoy a good game with friends. Send me an introduction, I wanna get to know you!
Wait whaat , League Of Legends or Lego Lands ?
The topic is kinda old. But are there any other players around here? How do you manage to play this hard game?
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It's definitely a tough game.
I concentrate on learning a few champions really well. This way, I become more competent in specific roles and can help my team more effectively.
I spend time watching tutorials and gameplay videos from high-elo players. It's helpful to see how they handle various situations in-game.
And I use this PhantomScript. It assists me by automating some routines and tasks like evading, prediction, and target selection. If you can't get the hang of this game, I recommend using it. It'll ease your gameplay by a lot.
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