Hair products for curls and straight hair?

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This question is divided into two parts

So my boyfriend has curly hair. I have straight hair.

My hair doesn't need any maintenance except that it's getting dry and static due to the cold weather now. So any recommendations for combating this?

I already do a lot of DIYS such as using oils, masks so my hair is pretty healthy and in good condition.
Though the cold air seems to suck all the moisture. So any products for it?
Also will products like conditioning sprays designed for curly hair help me?

For my boyfriend, his curls aren't tight but he has looser curls. Since he barely cares for them, half of the time his hair is flat with the ends curling up. He only scrunches his hair once a week and by the 5th day, most of his curls are gone. Styling gels make his hair rough as it's on the finer side.

So for him, what would you recommend? I'm thinking of making flaxseed gel for his curls??

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