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Written Rap: Casino Capitalist

Casino capitalist that rock a vest, and you'd be hard-pressed to bet,
Economic assassin, my policies would leave the best targets in debt,
Decimating the rhyme book, my power derives from divine field lines,
Terminating the exhibits with a slick style, you will find that I trick minds,
Feed rodents a poison more potent than arsenic or Strychnine,

Politically incorrect to speak truth and deep too, we truly live in the end times,
The captain, armoring up people with the lethal, MAC-10 and ten nines,
Watch me max out parameters of rap, alls that left is to bend rhymes,
Like Cain, I maim and stone my opposition like the face of Abel,
Fat dollars for rap scholars who cannot be categorized, not Aesop's fables,

My experiences are through, true that only thing left to check is death,
Crowds bet in haste, I finalise the verse and put MCs in their resting place,
Judgment of the most high is close by, you find we are testing grace,
Illest scholar, got fiends hooked on food and drugs,
Crowds electrified by hearing the truest words of a truant thug,
Denigrated and contemplated, Im cold enough to roll and sell your soul,
Ametuers disengage when they realise the gravity of the promise,
I effect with adverse momentum the hardest cost functions,
And reignite lost gumption, revolutionize these mindsets for the blindest,

A math competition can't circumnavigate past my barriers to entry,
Economics of crime, I leave the lot empty and ya lend me ten keys,
Retirement plans of planting crops with the hemp seeds,
I feign the pain, in my lane but the truth is I love the game,
I drink booze and be compromising the security of crews, freaks, and peeps,
You find a mind will compartmentalize when my groove hits the beat,
Now read the news feed, as I complete a new design on the sheet,
MC's who can't rhyme should stick to refining a beat,

Generalized flow that has a random pattern,
Im like the times you gotta ration, sticking to a handsome fashion,
These that I kick, while stimulate trance states,
Psychological cascade, I give a fig about you, but Im definitely past hate,
I blast fat cats wearing black, and get the racks paid quick,
The generated flows sweeter than pastries,

Competition trys to inhibit, but I fly higher than most digits,
I'm a missile and more complex than a supercomputer,
Dropping vernacular that's spectacular, last verse is hard,
A mixture of a sinusoidal wave, traits like Poseidon,
You look for mimicry, but my signature so unique you can't find it,
I'm a student of Christ, dropping the most prudent advice,
No limits with my relationships, rap hopefuls get their souls stripped,
The gaze of an infantryman, your gun I hold with a cold grip.
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