What it's like to be a Transgender student at Staffs Uni

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RhysReyn- Staffs Uni Student Ambassador
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Hey guys it’s Rhys again! In this post I’m going to write a bit about what it’s like to be transgender and transitioning whilst at university! I’m doing this as part of Transgender Day of Remembrance which is marked every November 20th. It’s a time of remembering Transgender people who are lost throughout the year and years before as well as celebrating transgender people who are still with us now. This thread however is more to bring awareness around this date and to start a conversation for any transgender and non-binary students!

So, a little about me, I’m 21 years old and I am a transgender man. I’ve been on testosterone for over a year now through a private doctor and shared care agreement and I am currently saving up for Top Surgery (Chest masculinisation). I’ve never had questions or comments about my gender or transition or even about the way I dress! I think at most I’ve definitely confused some people when washing my hands in the bathroom but that’s to be expected! I’m now in my second year of University here at Staffs and honestly? I’ve had a really good time.

Despite changing my name during my UCAS process, I’ve almost never had to hear or use my old name. There’s great support around name changes as well as a lot of people using a system of chosen names if they’re only just transitioning or unable to change their name legally. As well, all of my lecturers have been very kind and supportive to all the transgender people on my course (I’m on an art course so there does seem to be a lot of us) and it’s nice to have the freedom to be yourself and feel safe doing it.

One thing that I’m sure any University should have is an LGBTQ network or society and they are one of the biggest supports for Transgender students. So many of my friends are LGBTQ and coming from a place where I didn’t really know any transgender people and hadn’t had the chance to spend time with my community it feels so nice to be surrounded by people like me! As well, our network tries to do things specifically for transgender and non-binary students like binder exchanges and we have a Trans officer specifically.

All of these things contribute to a good experience of being a trans student and I know that for some people they may have more problems and struggle more. But there are lot’s of support systems in every university for queer students, for mental heath struggles and for any issues you may have and if you need them they are definitely there for you!

Now, I want to open this forum to both transgender students as well as non-transgender ones to ask any questions! Anything about the trans experience at university logistically, about the remembrance or even if you just have questions about being transgender that you want to know! This is a safe space so feel free to ask anything with no judgements as sometimes it is hard to get those sorts of questions answered. But for now, I’ll leave you guys and I hope you have a great November!
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Hi Rhys! You mentioned that you changed your name during the UCAS process, did that cause any delays in the process with applying for university and student finance? I desperately want to change my name legally, but I don't want to risk it messing with my applications.
Thank you in advance! - Robin (he/him)

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