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Becoming a teacher with a mental health nursing degree?!

I am in my third year of mental health nursing (BSc) and this is my first degree. I have really struggled at most of my placements but have had one or two good ones. I thought that maybe second year I just found hard because I missed placements in first year and online learning just isn't for me but moving forward into my third year I'm realising nursing just isn't the right career path for me. I love providing care for people and being a part of their 'journey' but my own mental health has deteriorated and it's just not for me. I think when I applied for my degree, I felt pressure to apply for a university course and mistook my passion for mental health as wanting to become a mental health nurse. I feel like dropping out isn't an option because it would be such a waste of money, so my idea is to graduate and then at least I have a degree under my belt. Since secondary school, teaching is something that has had my attention but for some reason I never pursued it and now I'm feeling like it may be something I would like to do and I haven't made the decision between primary and secondary. I would ideally like to teach humanities (if I worked at a secondary school) but I don't think my degree is relevant enough for a school to accept me and I'm not sure I'll get funding for a second degree. On top of all of this I won't complete my degree until November and feel like I will miss opportunities to start a new course or job in September. Does anyone know of any options for me as to how I could get experience working at a school or completing my PDGE with a MH nursing degree without having to undertake another degree? I hope this makes sense !
What about applying for the trainee education mental health practitioner roles ? These are very popular and competitive but you would be using your training but in a school environment. There are lots of new roles in schools promoting mental health . I would think it’s quite likely that the things you’ve found tough with nursing will still be there in teaching (I’m an ex teacher) so it may be better to think of other areas where you can use the knowledge and skills gained from your degree .
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Hi, thank you for your reply! I did actually look into the role you're describing but in my area that role seems to be few and far between ! I'll keep my eyes peeled though!
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Hi, Did you end up going into teaching or completing at PGCE?

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