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JACT Latin Summer Camp

I am in Y12, taking Latin and Greek, with a view to hopefully studying classics at university.
My teacher has sent me details of the JACT Latin Summer Camp, and I have been looking into it.
Has anyone attended this in the past? If so, did you find it useful (both in improving your Latin and for uni applications)?
If it is valuable, I'd be keen to go, but if not then I'd rather not invest 2 weeks and a considerable amount of money in it.
Many thanks for any replies!
maybe too late now but I went to the camp last summer (which was at the end of my y12) and loved it!

I found it super useful for getting more experience of latin texts, getting more practice at translating strange constructions and getting a feel for how the grammar fits together more. It was quite intense for me - i do latin a level so was in an advanced group. everyone has 3 one-hour lessons a day, and we got work to do in between each one for the next lesson. it was a lot at first, but we worked together as a group from my class and it was actually really fun. I got to translate seneca's thyestes and some of petronius' satyricon, and also a bit of lucan. It was so eye-opening for me about how many texts are out there and how much more there is to see beyond the a level syllabus.
I did put it on my ucas personal statement - I mentioned one of the texts and how i found it interesting, and have now got offers from the 5 unis i applied to (including oxford) so i imagine it helped.

also this was one of the most fun experiences of my life. I made some great friends, that i stay in contact with, and have amazing memories of going into the town, staying out on the field, going to hadrian's wall, chatting, etc. The buildings are gorgeous, there's a really nice park nearby, and you meet so many lovely, like-minded people that you get to live with for two weeks (!). we had lectures most days about all sorts of topics that were great, and fun activities like a quiz night. at the end there is a play by the teachers which was so funny and great to watch, and we had a dress up party (wearing togas made out of sheets of course).

I would say it's a really good test of how much you like the language and subject, and it is intense and challenging, but I loved it. :smile:

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