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Hi so I was supposed to be starting the second year of my course this September but I was told that I would be repeating as I had missed two resits due to issues concerning family over the summer, unfortunately I was unaware that I would be repeating the year so I ended up moving in to my accommodation, so to try make the situation better I decided to stay this year in my accommodation studying till I passed my resits then try go in for the January intake for my course rather then waste this year.

However, today I received an email from SFE telling me that my application had been cancelled and that I would have to speak to my university. Right now I am so worried and distraught on what I should do, I’ve made so many mistakes and I’ve tried to better them, yet I feel as if I keep sinking in trouble.

Is it at all possible that SFE can give my gift year to pass my repeat for this year?

Or give me SFE if I was to start in January after passing my resits?

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