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I'm currently studying my second year at university. We were given the choice of 3 optional units this year, 2 of which I chose 'physical' modules and 1 'human' module. As a result, I'm currently studying those modules as well as a modelling unit and a research methods unit (physical AKA numbers and as it is).
We've had the modules for just over a month now and the first month, I was really enjoying everything. However, the past two weeks have proven challenging for me... I feel like there are so many basic concepts that I cannot seem to grasp. I've always been just *okay* at everything but now, that really isn't helping me to move forward in my studies.

I feel very stressed out with my flood module as we have created an inundation model and need to do the write-up part. We have to create a contour plot and other graphs, applying our knowledge of course. Our lecturer told us all explicitly he will not help us with any of it and that we should know how to do this stuff... I've read manuals online and tutorials yet I still can't seem to wrap my head around the code...

My query is really... is the second year of university difficult or am I really not suited to studying a subject at this intense/in-depth level? Fellow geography students or people studying in the 2nd year and beyond, please let me know how it is going or has been for you. Thank you.
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Your lecturer is being difficult. Seek the help and guidance of year 3 students or PhDs.

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