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Super bad igsce result but high ib predicted grades??

I took 5 subjects in igsce and failed most of them but i progressed into ibdp and was prediced 38 my concern is will i be able to get into US ivy league universities with my high predicted grades but low igsce result?
US colleges do tend to look at your overall high school studies, which would include IGCSEs. Therefore, poor GCSEs may well be a signifcant weakness, especially if you failed them all as your effective "GPA" would be quite low as a result.

You may have better luck with UK unis, most of which (excepting Oxford, some courses at LSE, and some medical schools) don't put a lot of emphasis on GCSEs.
Your poor GCSEs will be a significant weakness, as above.

Did you have any extenuating circumstances for your GCSEs? If not, then I think US admissions officers would struggle to believe your predicted grades since your only actual demonstrated grades are poor.

Even if this is the case, though, you'll be applying alongside people with perfect grades at both GCSE and IBDP, so you'll have to have something extremely special in your ECs and Honors that nobody else does.
Hey! Im in the same boat here. In my country, we take the SPM, which is equivalent to the IGCSE. My spm sucked ass, at the time i didnt put too much mind into studying. It was until after i graduated with *****y grades that i found my passion and wanted to make a change. Im doing pretty well in my pre-uni studies, ive managed to get 4.0 streaks for my semesters so far.

Currently, outside of academics, i hold quite a few leadership positions in unis. And as for skills, I an a grade 6 pianist and grade 4 violinist.

Do i still have a chance if i were to apply to top UK universities? Or they wont even bat an eye cuz my SPM/IGCSE was disgustingly horrible?

Thanks for reading and any help is highly appreciated!!

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