Think my best friend might fancy me

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I’m scared my housemate (f) fancies me (f). She is literally my best friend and we’ve lived together for over a year now in uni.. we have other housemates. I’m completely straight but over the past maybe 8 months I did have a slight suspicion that she may not be entirely straight. Just from little things like she’d always feel the urge to point out how 100% straight she is. I’m completely comfortable in my sexuality but I’m quite an affection person with my friends, but I’m used to it because my friends back home are the same. And on several occasions it’s been mentioned the past few weeks by people thinking she was gay.. solely from a gaydar I suppose but not always does she know people have said that.
Anyways she told me the other week that she made out with a girl whilst she was drunk and she thinks she enjoyed it but she is still straight and the idea of having sex with w a girl disgusts her.. not her being homophobic- she just can’t see herself in that situation and enjoying it.
But when she’s drunk around me she gets a certain type of affectionate and she’s not affectionate at all, but it’s even too much for me like i do get uncomfortable on occasions, and I’m someone who’ll peck their friends in a friendly way. Like one time when we were out drinking I was in bed and I was naked because we’d just been on a night out and I Cba getting pjs on and she jumped in my bed and spooned me and I was like hey bro I’m naked here and she just like laughed it off. Like it didn’t rattle me at the time coz I really don’t care but if she fancies me then it’s just extremely weird.
I don’t know if it’s just because it’s such a transition from when she’s sober to drunk which makes me think oh that’s a bit weird but I can’t bring it up to people for a different perspective because no one else knows she made out with a girl and also if I was to say that I thought she fancied me and it was out in the open, I think it would just be an awkward situation for everyone. Like she’s the girl who tans my body and I’ll get changed infront of her because I genuinely see us as sisters but now I just don’t know
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Hmm you are in a bit sticky situation. I know some people who do get rather touchy when they are drunk. But maybe she doesn't know herself that she may be gay? She could be denial, or is not comfortable with opening up? Quite hard to understand tbh

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