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I've been talking to my foreign friend (using Google Translate as she cannot speak English, except for a few words) about my thoughts and feelings about what I think is girly. It's been been on my mind for more than I thought it was and 3 message alone were in excess of 10,000 words! (I had to use a text paste website and send her the link as it was so long and among some other long texts that I also sent, it clearly bothers me). She also claims she "does not understand" many things I am saying, despite the translation seeming to be correct. She's a young woman and I am a guy. Because it would be inappropriate to write a long message on the forum here, I will try and make this very short. Can someone explain what it means to be girly and likewise, how this differs to being feminine. I do not particularly like pink or pastel colours or other overly girly and feminine things like heels (I like flat shoes). None of those girly girl things really interest me in this context. I am talking more about the characteristics of being girly (such as how they behave/act/present their energy, what I feel attracted to, immature girly or feminine behaviour vs mature girly/feminine behaviour, etc) and not so much about the materialistic aspect such as expensive designer goods or those spoiled princess pink type girls. I have many questions about it so I cannot write it here as it will be too long but can someone please elaborate on how you view what being girly means in what I might feel attracted to (without mention of things like pink, heels and other such things because I am talking about the things I feel attracted to, not about how other girls express their idea of being a girly girl or girly). My friend also claims that there is a difference between being a girly girl and girly. She seems to suggest that I am attracted to girly things, rather than girly girls. If I feel attracted to the idea that certain girly things/ideas are cute/attractive and want my friend to act like it (but I cannot express easily what they are), what might those things be (even if they are not the mainstream ideas of what is considered girly)? If for instance, I show her a picture of a dress, and she responds with "I love that dress, it is so cute!!" or "would you like to buy me that dress?", or she will say things like "babe", is she acting friendly/normal or she being girly (like very soft/sweet) by that way of talking? She is not a girlfriend. Just a friend. Is what I am wanting more of what you would get from a girlfriend or as a friend? Is sendings excessive emojis and exclamation marks girly? In normal friendship, how can I ask her to act more girly and what, in your opinion, does acting more girly/cute mean for you?

Am I misunderstanding what girly means?

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