Border Force Officer vs Immigration Officer

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Hi all,

I was recently offered two different roles. One as a Border Force Officer (BFO) on the coast, and another as an Immigration Officer (IO) in-land.

I just had a couple questions in regards to the differences between the BFO & IO roles if anyone could be kind enough to answer, trying to make a big decision here!

1) Variety. Which job has more variety? At the ports/coastal BF roles, I assume apart from going out at sea, you're more stationary than an in-land IO?

2) Shift patterns. What are the shift patterns like for a BFO/IO? 3/4 days on 4/3 days off (would prefer this over one day in / one day off pattern...) Any differences between them?

3) Progression. Which role has more room for progression? Which role is more "difficult", if that can even be judged?

Essentially, if someone was to look at a day in the life of both these roles, what are the most significant differences?

Thanks in advance Image
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