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So I suffer with a large amount of anxiety and also have a few mental health conditions. Due to these conditions I tend to miss a lot of sixth form. Atm my attendance overall is 80% which isn’t very high.

I have begun seeking help for my conditions by speaking to my teachers and I have arranged doctor appointments in order to reduce and combat my problems.

However I still miss days as some days are very hard to leave the house although I try very hard some days I just cannot attend school.

I was wondering how bad it is for me to be taking days off due to my mental health spiralling out of control on certain days and as a result missing school. I feel very guilty for taking days off as I really don’t want to miss lessons, but at the same time Im held back by my mental illness.

Can teachers or the sixth form potentially accuse me of taking days off for no reason? Even though I have told my tutor at school and she is aware and has put a comment on the system regarding my issue.
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Instead of concentrating on what the teachers and other people may potentially accuse you of, concentrate on your mental health. Appreciate you have gp appointments booked but these can take alot of time before the right care is sought. There are alot of charities out there who can help you alot quicker and sometimes more effectively.
Yes, it's not good to be missing days and lessons as it will inevitably have an impact upon your overall grades.

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