Having trouble getting student finance for resit year

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So I'm a student at Middlesex University, I failed two modules in my second year in 2020 and was unable to progress to my final year, decided to take a year off to work during the pandemic, and I've now returned to university to do a resit year.

My problem is that I'm having trouble completing the final steps of my student finance application. I applied a few months ago, everything seemed fine at first as I waited a few weeks for my application to be processed, but then when I logged on to the Student Finance account there was a step saying that my course couldn't be found despite entering the correct details and was told to contact my uni.

I'm a bit stuck at the moment, I've already missed the deadline for the first tuition fee payment so would like to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I've contacted both my uni and student finance only to receive differing advice. My uni told me to cancel my current application and send a PR1 form while Student Finance has advised me not to cancel my application and send in a change of circumstance form instead.

I'm hesitant to go with either option at the moment because if I end up picking the wrong on I'll have to wait for weeks to hear about it and go with the alternative instead when I just want to get this out of the way quickly to focus on my studies and stop stressing about it. If anyone has any advice then I'd be grateful to hear it.
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