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A Level Quizlets for OCR Biology, OCR Geography and AQA Psychology

I made flashcards on Quizlet on every topic I studied during my A Levels. It took a really long time and they were so incredibly useful for me, and I find it kind of sad that they're just lying around and not getting any use anymore haha. I'll put the link on here so other people can check them out if they'd like!

There's a few topics missing because of COVID, but most of it is there.

Here are the optional topics I studied for psych and geo:
Psych: Approaches, Issues and Debates, Psychopathology, Forensics, Cognition and Development (unfinished), Schizophrenia
Geo: Human Rights, Global Migration, Changing Spaces Making Places, Coastal Landscapes, Earth's Life Support Systems (unfinished), Disease Dilemmas, Hazardous Earth

I ended up getting 3 A*s, so the quality of the notes is good!
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omg thank you! i literally do the same subjects (aqa geography tho) so this will be super helpful:smile:
is the bio ocr A or B? They look really detailed thank you so much!!!
thank you!
Thanks so so much!!