depression makes me an empty void

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i’ve been struggling with severe depression and generalised anxiety for years, the purpose of this discussion is for me to talk about how the depressed brain corrupts so much , i believe that no one cares about me and i use to tell people they didn’t care and i was so sure of it , but just now i looked back at old messages between a friend of mine , in those messages there was multiple of them telling me that they cared and that all they wanted was for me to get better and be safe but i was so tormented in my mind that i didn’t see that and now im sat here feeling guilty for taking that for granted , he tried so hard to make me feel cared about but i was so depressed i didn’t see it. i hope what i’ve wrote makes sense and that im not the only one who feels this way , i just wish i could tel my friend that im sorry for taking it for granted , they’re a good person that i don’t deserve

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