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I am 20. I want to do as much good in the world and help as many people as possible. I am on the organ donor and the Anthony Nolan bone marrow list. I also regularly give blood.

Recently I have been considering donating my eggs. I havent seen many negatives of this especially as UK regulations seem pretty strict about it which is good.

There does seem to be a few health risks but they seem rare.

For some reason I am not 100% sure if I want to do it. It might be because I have only just started to consider it. One of the main problems I have is how is that child going to be raised. I will have no right to input about how to raise that child which is completely fine. I would just feel horrible if I found out later that the child had a horrible life or was abused or something. I feel like this would be fairly low due to the effort and money it costs for the parents to get IVF (I'd presume they'd want a child so much that they did this so they could love it and raise it well) but there is still the concern there.

I was just wondering what other peoples opinions of it are?

(this is in the health forum as I wanted to be anonymous)
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