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What method of revision helps most?

Hi everyone!

How are you all?

My name is Aliza and I’m in 6th year.

I am currently studying:
Higher Psychology
Higher English
Higher Modern Studies
National 5 Applications of Math

I am looking for any notes, study techniques/materials for the above subjects, if you guys do any of these subjects or have done them in the past and have something to help, please post on here, it would be highly appreciated!

Thanking you 💜
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hey! I'm Frankie, I sat Higher English last year. can I ask which texts you're studying? I'll see if any of my notes align with the books you're working on :smile:
Hi, I'm S6 too. The only one of your subjects I did last year was higher english.

Folio - You have probably written most of this by now, what is it about?

RUAE - Practice lots of past papers and read the marking instructions carefully to see what they are looking for. I also found the How to Pass book helpful. Also read guardian/scotsman opinion pieces to get used to the style of the text as it usually comes from there or similar papers.

Critical Essay - Write a essay plan with 4 paragraphs each for setting/theme/character. Write an intro plan. Memorise them all one by one, practicing adapting to past paper questions.

Scottish Text - we did poetry, so did a grid linking themes between poems. Then just memorised the notes the teacher gave us. If you practice your RUAE it will help you with your Scottish text too.

English is hard work and time consuming, lots is memorising quotes and analysis you can regurgitate. Start your folio and essay plans early as there is lots to do. Never been so glad to drop a subject after I finished higher!!!!
Hello, I took higher english last year. My best advice is to make essay plans for your Scottish text and do loads of past papers for RUAE.

I am also taking higher psychology and any help would be much appreciate,

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