Missed ALOT of school, think im gonna fail my gcses. Any advice?

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Due to mental health reasons and because of covid, ive been missing so much school, missing out on school work and everything. Things are really overwhelming right now and im not sure really what to do. I think i have an anxiety disorder, but its really got me ****ed up. Like a few days it will feel like its gone or something as in i wouldnt feel dreadfully anxious anymore and then the next it comes back like it didnt go away at all.

Everything just so different and didn't know things would get this worse? Im just gonna try take it a small step at a time and try to to overwhelm myself anymore. However my GCSEs are coming up and i can feel my anxiety jus slowly building up but im trying to ignore it. I just hate it so much, i feel so weak and unsafe too all the time, from my thoughts. I wish everything would just be okay, but i know it'll get only harder from here.

Some of my friends are understanding but i cant help but feel lonely. Its okay though its not like i can force them to understand and that but wish i just had a little bit more support from my friends, my family too. I feel like im alone and feel isolated. I missed like 4 weeks in a row now including the 1 week holiday we had. Ive missed more days but never this much at once, and im slightly nervous coming back. I tell myself i shouldnt give a **** about what people will have to say, though it still does affect me. I just wanna be strong and not care about anything.
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Two possible situations here:-
1) You have a real anxiety disorder and should seek professional help
2) You have been a lazy sh.. and now realise that catching up is going to be impossible which understandably is causing you anxiety.
I am not saying that you fall into the latter category, but an increasing number of students do and then use the " anxiety disorder" as an excuse which means those that genuinely do suffer are finding it increasingly difficult to be heard.
Which group do you fall under.

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