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~ frankly, frankie - a gyg blog 21/22 ~

well, hello there! :heart:

yes, i realise i completely missed the boat am perhaps a little late to this year's gyg challenge, but i still wanted to give it a shot! it's great to meet you all :hello:

more than anything else, i want this blog to be a source of motivation for me. i had a really terrible time last year during covid and all of the lockdowns, and i'd like this year to be better haha. this is my first time ever participating so please forgive me for any mistakes i make along the way, i'm still blundering my way through learning how to use TSR properly!! everyone has such pretty blogs so my aim is to become a formatting wizard if nothing else.

so before i go off on any more tangents... who am i?

my name is frankie, i'm 17 years old, and next spring i will be sitting my scottish advanced highers! i use she/her pronouns but i am *this* close to switching to she/he soon aha. here are all of the subjects i'm currently studying, along with my predicted grades:

  • advanced higher history - currently sitting at an A1 and hoping to remain that way!
  • advanced higher english - also at an A1 right now, predicted to stay the same.
  • advanced higher maths - why did i take this. sitting at A2, predicted A1 but my teachers have their reservations lol i really don't blame them
  • higher politics - currently an A2 and hoping to push this up at an A1! took this as an extra subject for fun but i'm doing it out of column which means it's x10 harder than it needed to be... typical frankie behaviour tbh
  • leadership award - halfway through the year and i still don't have a clue what this is about. no grades here if i remember correctly so i'm simply aiming for a pass!

i've already sent away my UCAS application (and can i just say how happy i was to have it finished so early!) as i applied to oxford university and so had to meet the deadline of oct 15. here are all of the courses i've applied to, and the offers i've received so far!

  • university of oxford - history and politics. i applied for hertford college, still waiting to hear back about interviews! fingers crossed haha i'm getting more nervous by the day

  • ucl (university college london) - history and politics of the americas with a year abroad. this might honestly be my top choice! and yes that includes oxford yikes... but the course here is just incredible and i've always DREAMED of a year abroad, which is something they don't offer at oxford. going to an american uni for a while would honestly be magical, i do hope i have the opportunity to study there soon! :unsure:

  • lse (london school of economics and political science) - international relations and history. as you can tell i'd love to go to london but i do recognise that it's near impossible to get into any of these places. still hoping for a miracle though!

  • university of york - history/politics. i got an offer here!!! my first and only offer so far but i'd be super happy to study here so i'm excited regardless of the other outcomes. it was super quick as well, like literally 3 days after i sent away my application!

  • university of edinburgh - international relations. thought it would be worth adding a scottish uni as a sort of backup option financially, as i wouldn't need to pay tuition fees here. i'm less keen to go to edinburgh because most of my mates are applying there and i'd rather go somewhere new and get a fresh start, but i'd still be very happy to go here! beautiful place and a great course so what's not to like?

i thought i'd also include the grades i've achieved over the last two years, in my highers and national 5 exams:


~ highers, 20/21 ~
  • english - A1
  • maths - A1
  • history - A1
  • chemistry - A1
  • music - A1

~ national 5, 19/20 ~
  • english - A
  • maths - A
  • history - A
  • physics - A (HOW?!)
  • chemistry - A
  • french - A (shocked at this one too...)
  • music - A
  • scottish studies - pass (pass/fail only)

aaand that's enough boring admin stuff for one day! sorry for the spam heheh

as far as updates go, i won't have a regular "post schedule" or anything, at least not for a while. i don't want to limit myself to one post a week, but i also don't want to overcommit to an update every day. so, i'll just go with the flow for now and see if things settle into a natural rhythm over time.

before i sign off, here's some random facts about me, to help introduce myself as more than a series of letter grades lmao...

  • i play the violin, piano, and the french horn!
  • i'm the vice head girl at my school, it's a very fun but stressful position lol
  • my personality type is intp and i think it's pretty fitting, smart but wastes all potential, and painfully socially inept
  • currently obsessed with panettone lmao weird but i thought it was worth sharing
  • i'm a big tv fan, and some of my favourite shows include brooklyn 99, stranger things, umbrella academy, strictly come dancing, gbbo, the next step (pls don't laugh at meeee) and good omens!
  • my favourite band of all time is bts :party:

that's all i have for this little introductory post! i can't wait to take part in this year's gyg challenge and get to know everyone else, i hope this blog might motivate others as much as it'll hopefully motivate me haha. really looking forward to getting to know everyone!

all the best,
frankie xo
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