Giving Away Single Ensuite room at The Garage (brand new building)

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Hey, due to some complications I might not be able to complete my studies this year, so I'm listing up my contract for anyone that would like a really nice and brand new room.

The room is directly behind George Elliot and is a 3 minute walk to campus. It has an ensuite bathroom with walk-in shower and a shared kitchen in a flat for 4. Currently only one other tenant in the flat. The place is brand new as it opened September 2021.
I really like the room and area as its brand new, looks really nice and is very cozy. The Kitchen is great and perfect for a group meetup with friends. I just cant stay due to my current situation.

The room is very fancy and spacious with a double bed. It has lots of storage space as well as under the bed with free WIFI and very fast ethernet for games. The kitchen is very big and comfortable with couches and a large table, including a smart TV. It has two large fridges and a surprising amount of storage space. There's a free gym, laundry and common area as well as gated parking. Its also right next to The Happy Man pub.

The cost is £230 per week. (£1,175 per month)
I'm planning on moving very soon, so you can get it now or for the coming January term.

You can reply, message me for any and all details, I check every day

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