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I met this guy online and we fall in love with each other. We always text, sometimes call and talk very much. He keeps telling how much he loves and wants to be with me all the time. I asked him if his girl best friend knew about me and he said no, I was why he keeps giving me weird answers. My bestie said it's a red flag so I confronted him, he said she's right but still didn't tell his girl best friend. Why does he act like this?
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I personally don't think this is a red flag - it took me over a year to tell my best friend about the girl I was dating online. Maybe he's just nervous to tell her? Or maybe it hasn't come up in conversation? If you're seriously worried about this, then sit down and talk with him, make it very explicitly clear that you want him to tell her. Although you might want to have a think about WHY it is that you're so upset... may I remind you that a guy and a girl can be best friends and have absolutely zero romantic interest in one another!

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