Speaking to a girl.

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Heya, The last 2 - 3 days I have been speaking to this girl who I met in work and it basically started off my mate (who is from work too) saying "You should speak to this girl (with some eyes emoji)" and obviously I asked him why etc. for the first few days after he said that I didnt message her because I felt it was going to be a bit weird randomly popping up to her and not really knowing why. So a day or 2 went by and surprisingly she put "talk" on her private story. and which point I found out that she added me to her private stories. So I eventually was like you know what im actually going to reply to her story and message her. I started to getting to know her a little bit and I must admit I can start converations and keep them going for a while... So maybe 1 - 2 days went passed and I kept speaking to her etc. The problem I am having is that I am always the one asking questions and just speaking to her. When I do ask her she does give good messages etc and the problem I am having now is that I feel like im always the one asking questions and messaging her. She does reply with some questions back every so often but just not as much and it feels like im the one carrying on the conversation. I must admit it has been non stop talking as much as I can and when she was at work she would message me on break etc.

I feel like its getting to the point kind of where I don't know what else to talk about and so my thought now is that it got to the point where we just sent some snaps without messages so at this point i thought to my self im not going to reply anymore and see if she decides to message me in the morning or something because I don't really want to force conversation which I feel today I sort of have been with the questions like how was work and what did you do etc.

The reason that I would love to try get to know her and potentially more is because when my mate spoke to her about stuff he said a question like "would you go winter wonderland or something with me" and she apparantly responded with "maybe" and i think he asked other stuff and sh responded with that so my thought was she didnt say no so yh it could could potentially mean something...

Has anyone got any advice. because I really want to try something with her and get to know her but I dont want to force anything.

I did mention to her on snap about going wonderland and she did say she wanted to go with me.

ps i havent actually spoken to her face to face. we walked passed each other and said like you alright etc but we was both at work and i had to get back to my station as it was busy. she is working today so i will speak to her later.
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Try talking to her more in work - it doesn’t have to be too long of a conversation just 5 minutes could possibly make a difference. Talk about busy it is and maybe find a common dislike or like about work but don’t keep it all about work, try lead into better conversations such as about the winter wonderland etc. Then on Snapchat you may end up talking about things that happen about that day. Don’t be too pushy with it - if you feel she’s disinterested don’t waste your time.

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