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Hi All,

I have always been led to believe that this is a shortage subject and the schools (secondary) are crying out for CS teachers, I know I am a bit early in the cycle t present, but i was looking at this last year and within 50 miles of my location (in the west midlands) there seems to be a scarcity of these roles.

So is Computer Science a bit of a black hole with lots of demand and little supply (what I am told) or is it the opposite, lots of supply and little demand (the reality I am seeing)

I am coming up to the end of my first placement and I am getting a little concerned that i won't be able to find a role at the end, and thus run out of money to support my family. Or maybe i would be better to change my PGCE to a true shortage subject (not sure if I can!).

Is it just a case that I need to have more patience and wait until Feb or march next year

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