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I work as a Nursing Assistant and recently a newly registered doctor asked me to help draw blood from a patient by being the one to actually draw the blood whilst he holds it in place. I said that I couldn't do that and he proceeded to explain it again but just in a more simple way. I then reiterated that I couldn't do that as it wasn't in my job role to take part in anything medical that I'm not trained in, to this he then explained again that 'all he was asking me to do was to pull something back to draw blood out'. I told him that I would go and find a nurse who would be able to help him but I can't help but feel a little offended that he seemed to think I didn't understand what he meant, when in fact it was him who didn't understand the boundaries of other job roles and that a nursing assistant could get into serious trouble doing something they are not legally allowed to do.
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No you aren't being rude as you pointed out you aren't trained in taking bloods.
Stick to your job descriptions as that way you'll know you are keeping within the law and won't get into trouble. If you are trained up for this then fine but you are correct with what you done as he should had been able to do this himself.

What tasks nursing assistants are not allowed to perform...
What are three tasks that nursing assistants do not usually perform.
Inserting and removing tubes, give tube feedings, and changing sterile dressings, taking bloods.

Do nurses draw blood in hospitals....
In case of diffculties or impossibilities: physicians are required. In most hospitals I work there are phlebotimist who come in to draw blood. But, in urgent situations the nurse will draw the blood especially in ICU when time is important and arterial lines are usually available.

Can a nurse take bloods....
Other clinical staff able to take bloods may include student nurses, associate nurses, trainee phlebotomists, and medical students. There will also be times when phlebotomy is carried out by paramedics, and trainee paramedics. However, there are also specialists who focus specifically on this procedure.

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