Bad at texting, need advice on a crush

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So I've been seeing this girl lately that I met through my best friend. The night we met, we hooked up, and we've been on 3 dates ever since. Each time on these dates was really nice, I felt really happy and at home and I believe she did too. We make-out alot, and we are having sex - though I'm starting to worry I might be screwing it up just because of how I text. Maybe that sounds crazy given my situation, but I think I'm doing something wrong.

For context on this, this girl is what I would describe as a very anxious, and introverted person. She's told me previously that she's not a 'call person', and my attempts at starting or hinting towards a conversation in text just seem to fall flat. She doesn't ever message first, or ask many questions etc- though, when it comes to meeting up the answers are positive. If it's not a "yes" it's a, "no, but I can do Sunday or Tuesday instead" etc.

There was a movie we wanted to see which she originally was going to see with a friend, but she cancelled just to go on a date with me. I asked her if she still wanted to see it recently, and she said that she wants to go see it with her friend because she's having a tough time. Fair enough- I just don't know what to do from here. I want to talk to her alot more and even just ask her how her day was and stuff, but I just think it's too much. Is there a correct approach to this? Is waiting like a week or so and then just popping up with another date a good move?

It's possible she just wanted a fwb which is cool, it just wasn't the vibe I was getting when we hangout.
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i wouldn't wait a week before meeting up with her again.
Just see if she is free for a coffee (not literally a coffee, but a catch-up at Costa / coffee shop) and have a chat.
You could ask her any of these sort of questions, to discover more about her, without coming across as too keen.

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