Money and ethics

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Recently i have kind of been having A mental battle over the concept of money and ethics / philosophy

I think it can be pretty much undisputed that money is absolutely essential in almost every facet of human life. It is a huge determining factor in so many things: basic survivial, your opportunities, your prospects your comforts, your safety, your help your education, your future basically your entire life and money determines the ability to acquire, the availability and the quality all of those things.

I think therefore when you realise that it’s literally a life or death commodity, it’s no wonder that people whom are destitute turn to perhaps less than honest means to obtain that commodity. unless you’ve been in a situation where money is that tight its really hard to fully understand a lot about how that really feels, having suffered intense financial restrictions myself throughout most of my life, Having financial scarcity is extremely worrying and scary painful/ restrictive /stressful causes severe impact on your health your well-being you’re out look on life and your future.

And basically now I’m an adult I had a realisation of all those things of just how much money does in fact mean.

I made post here talking about me considering starting on only fans account to make money and by the way I have done research about it and I’m aware of the fact that it’s a platform only a small percentage make big money off, for most people they only make minimal or no money off it so I am aware of that being a fact.

I arrived at that contemplation due to the above mentioned fact that I am in kind of financial desperation you could put it.

On a personal level The concept pf only fans, is a serious violation of my moral and ethical c and basically all of my values both for myself and for other people. I understand exactly why most sexual services being virtual or physical overwhelmingly bad and negative for individuals who produce and consume the content and then how that affects society as a whole.
And the fact that I understand those things would surely make you think that , it would stop me from ever considering doing it no matter what situation I was in.

And now I guess my question is is it ever really truly possible to obtain vast sums of money without doing some kind of either immoral process on either a minor or major scale ( obviously this scale is perceived under varying lights by different people)?
is it really possible to avoid doing any of those things and still achieving high levels of wealth?

People can easily find themselves committing such immoralities whether they care or not. Whether its the poor man desperate to just survive or the rich man looking the accumulate vast sums of it.

In the book chimp management it details the concept that, the chimp by its very nature is wired to operate by “jungle laws “and that is utilising very competitive and sometimes immoral methods in order to gain what that individual wants for their own further advancement / survival / reproductive interests etc etc.

But it seems unfairness and immoralities are kind of unavoidable events in life and the truth of life and of nature is just that “life is unfair unfair”

I feel the concept of darwinsim plays in very well here- Also in videos about wealth creation Or rich people habits it often says one of the common means of achieving success is doing things that are pushing the “boundaries” to some extent and that people commonly do such things that are against societal normalcy.

I’m going to try and wrap this up by the final concluding question and issue is that
Can one ever achieve major wealth or perhaps anything in life in a way that is 100% ethical?
And how to navigate these feelings ?

If anyone has any insights or thoughts I would really appreciate hearing them.
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