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i need to do a place study of my town according to the part of the aqa changing places part of the spec.
i can't really find much good information on my town though, to make a good case study i could write about in an exam.
my teacher hasn't given any help and told us to research it independently.
i've managed to do a case study for the distant place, but i can't for my town.
i'm wondering for an exam if you will ever need to actually know about the local place? because i have looked through past papers and for all of the 20 mark place study questions it always says you can write about either of the local or distant places or both?
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Hi, I did my AS geography last year, and for our near/ local place, we just did a clone town survey of our local high street so it would be great if you could do that, just look it up online and use the survey. It is quite simple.
You could also do some research of a nearby town/ village/ high street to you, to find out about the locale and the character of the place. You could also talk about the exogenous and endogenous factors, which are the external factors and internal factors that affect the character of the place, or your perception of the place (such as the building materials, external companies, etc.). Maybe if you looked at some infrastructure in your area, you can describe what causes people to have different views and senses of the place depending on their experiences.
In exams, you are unlikely to get a question solely on describing your local place, however, you might get questions about comparisons of a near and far place, and there it is best to talk about your own perception of the place and how your experiences were shaped by the physical factors in the place, but don't worry too much about it as it shouldn't come up very much at all, I think the far place is more important, as well as learning the key terms.

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