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So my boyfriend of over a year and the father to my baby was on his emails earlier and I was cuddled into his chest and looked up and I saw an email from “ swingers club” and one from “threesome finders” so naturally I’m like WTF .. after looking he set up an account in 2017 for both and his argument is that they are pop up sites he saw when on porn and tried to sign up to but they make you pay to message etc so has never actually used them .... I’m still livid though and then I found a toy boy one and that he was paying for tinder gold when we were together ... his argument being he deleted the app so he thought the Payments would stop and account be deleted.

I’m so livid ! I know it’s all in his past but the fact he even signed up to these and made an account and a bio kills me ! He keeps apologising but that isn’t making me feel better I literally don’t know what to do or say ... any advice ?
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Idk it is normal for him to watch porn as long as he isn’t cheating on you now it is completely fine
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Omg! I know exactly how you feel and I would be livid too :/

Do you know if he actually used and messaged other women using the tinder account in an inappropriate way? My guess would be that he did, considering he purchased Tinder Gold, but if he did it's obvious that he didn't respect you or the relationship enough to think about what he was doing- and I'm sorry about that.
I think you guys should talk about how the both of you honestly feel. Try and see why he felt the need to do those things if he was in a relationship with you. If he apologises, try and see if he was actually genuine or if he was using an apology as a solution to finish talking about the topic.

I'm sorry this happened to you. <3

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