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Retaking Gcse in yr12

Hi guys,

In August when I got my results I was proud of them, i especially did well in subjects such as history, french, and classics. But it was only later in October I decided to change to biology and Chemistry and kept classics. I did this because i wanted to go into dentistry. I am now working my hardest to get good grades but the only thing that's pulling me back is my GCSE grades. I think I won't be considered for dental school with my grades. I was very lazy and didn't want to try my best in GCSE. In subjects like Maths, I got a 4 and In English lang and lit, I got 5. You need at least a 7 in both maths and English and also in science, I got a 5. I did terribly. I don't know whether I should retake and it will be so much work as i am already struggling to cope with bio and chem. Another 2 subjects would be unbearable and what if I do retake and I don't get higher than what i originally got. Could I still retake it? and do I have to do it privately as i think the people who are retaking did it in November in my Sixth form I don't know what to do?

For any yr11s reading, try your absolute hardest in all your subjects. You don't want to end up like me
Do they let you retake chemistry in November?

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