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Do you regret any alevels?

I did bio chem and geography and although I loved geography at gcse, it was very different in alevels and I despised it. I wish I picked psychology or history instead. I also wish I picked a 4th alevel and then dropped it in the first term because that way I would’ve been more certain on what I like and want to carry on with.
Yeah, English lit. Love the lessons and my teacher but the exams are just too stressful for me :smile:

EDIT: after actually doing the a level, I have completely changed my mind lol. English was stressful but so rewarding!
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Yes GEOGRAPHY. I picked maths physics and Geography and I thought Geography would be an easy A* as I got a 8 in GCSE and physics and maths is where I would struggle but boy was I wrong I am predicted A’s in both maths and physics and a flipping B in geography. Should have picked Chemistry instead. Well what can I do now 5 months left till the end of Yr13
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I do, Psychology, Religious Studies and Economics. I wish I did Maths, Politics, Religious Studies. I was too scared I wouldn't do well in Maths at A-Level but I got an 8 at GCSE. Definitely regret it.

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