Used socks - not telling future partners?

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I've always had a pretty strong foot fetish: when I went to uni at 18 and lived on my own for the first time, one of the first things I did was buy lots of adult toys off of eBay. This included used/well-worn undergarments such as socks, pantyhose, knickers and even well-worn flats. They'd usually get delivered in a ziplock bag and I'd smell them for a bit before putting them back (after a few months the smell wore off so I'd throw them away). I felt guilty about doing this so I threw away everything that I'd bought and it wasn't until last year (around the first peak of the pandemic) that I decided to buy a pair of used women's gym socks off of eBay again and threw them out a few months later.

My question is, is this 'smell fetish' something that I should admit to a future partner or is it best to keep it a secret and lie if they'd ever asked about it? It's hard to imagine this coming up in conversation but one of the things I have done in previous relationships is smell my partner's used socks/undergarments without their explicit consent, e.g. I might offer to do her laundry for her but smell her socks just before I put them in the washing machine. I felt guilty about not coming clean, yet it's something I think about doing all the time whenever I'm in a relationship, to the point where I'd wish that I could just go to sleep using my partner's feet as a pillow face-down. Would such a fetish be a dealbreaker to most women?
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Be honest about it. The right woman for you will be comfortable with your sexuality and may even indulge you by saying that is okay to sniff her dirty laundry. Then you won't need to keep it a secret anymore.

It's easier than you think to find people who are accepting, to be honest. I've a "gross" kink that the majority of my partners have been absolutely fine with - with some even agreeing to participate in it despite getting no arousal from it themselves. I ended things with the only person who openly looked down on me for it.
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I’d get to know them a bit first. Sniffing a partner clothes could pass as quirky affection, buying random used knickers might raise an eyebrow

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