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4 A-levels? should I take maths, further maths, economics and english lit?

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Original post by I.Hate.Science
Sounds like I am going to do 4 A-levels and see how it goes.

It's not bad as long as it's FM of course but good luck and remember FM is accepted as a 3rd A level by many unis.
Original post by I.Hate.Science
I think I am going to try and do 4 and if i hate English Lit or there is too much work i will drop English and do Econ, maths and further maths, sound like a good idea?

sounds good , good luck :smile:
Original post by kirussak
sounds good , good luck :smile:

Thanks for the advice :smile:
Original post by I.Hate.Science
I know it isn't required but i'm at an age where i want to keep some options open and english lit is well respected, if there isn't a ton of extra work doing further maths then i will atke it.

Personally, I can’t comprehend this reasoning but you do you; good luck with your 4 A-levels :smile:
Y12 student who was in a similar situation and probably still am :u:

Might be a bit late but I can maybe add something as I take three out of your options (history instead of english :smile:) Might be helpful for others reading this thread...:wink:

FM is a lot of work ngl and very time-consuming especially if you want to get high grades. My school does FM in y12 as well as y13 to spread out the content. It is a lot of work and if you naturally find maths easy, it's not the same in FM. I usually find maths straightforward but for FM a lot of time and outside study is needed. But it's definitely not impossible and you can still get good grades if you dedicate yourself entirely.

Doing Maths FM and economics only might limit your options if you change your mind on what you want to do at uni. I'd say taking english is a great idea because it keeps your options open as some courses consider maths and FM as 1 subject. Your interest might chnage in 2 years so I'd advise you to not to limit yourself. But if you're certain then go for it. Although I dont know whther you can do FM with only 2 subjects in y12 (My sixth form don't allow us to take FM with only 2 other subjects for y12 :s-smilie:)

TL;DR Do Maths FM Economics and English to keep options open and be prepared to put a lot of work for FM to get high grades :smile:
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1000000000% drop English Lit unless you actually like it, love it and maybe see yourself doing something in that path. I'd recommend Further Maths over English Literature for Economics, accounting etc.

Warwick, UCL, LSE, Cambridge and Oxford (E&M) all like Further Maths. Now, if Further Maths isn't available to you (which it is in your case), you would have had to absolutely smash the admissions test (either TSA for Oxford E&M or TMUA for Economics but

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