first time ever writing something but I think I did good be honest

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What!? why them…
Why must it be them
What did I do
Why must I endure this
I can't do it anymore

Why must it be her
Did I do something mom
Why would you do this
Did I make you mad
I loved you mo
Why would you leave me mom
What did I do mom
Why do they hate me mom
Why wouldn't you tell me mom
you're gone but I can't move on

Why must it be her Go
What did she do to deserve this
she wouldn't hurt a fly god
She was a good mom God
She had dreams God
She believed in you
I believed you would help her
You didn't help her
why wouldn't you help her
she beat you 2 times
Why would you come back
Why did you take her
Why would you do this
She's gone but I can't move on

Why mom
I miss you… I couldn't even say bye
let alone you never said why

Why God
why would you make me watch her die

How much longer with depression
When will It stop
it'll never go away
Is that what you want God
Is this what you wanted mom
why would you leave me mom?
Why would you take her from me?
How do I move on

Goodbye LeeAnn
Goodbye Coralee
Goodbye my Moms
I miss you every day
I think about you everyday
I live for you
but what? why you guys?

I love you mom
I miss mom

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